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No matter what stage you are at in your buying or home loan journey, we are here to support you and answer any questions you may have. Below you will find a wealth information in relation to lending, the home loan application process, the impacts of COVID, and a bit about our team too. Have a watch, and if you have any specific questions, please just get in touch here.

COVID: Restrictions ease to allow open for inspections, and how to buy a house in Melbourne now

We catch up with Daniel Bolton – Fletchers Real Estate, Director & Auctioneer about the Victorian #realestate and #melbourneproperty opening up again. We also cover how to buy a house at the moment and the importance of #preapproval.

COVID: It’s going to be a red hot run into Christmas… What happened to the Spring property market? Buying, selling and home loans during COVID restrictions

  • What are we seeing in the market?
  • When will the property market open up? And how can I get my ducks in a row so I can capitalise?
  • Is my pre-approval still valid? What about the First Home Buyers Scheme?
  • What about bridging finance?

This week we chat with Daniel Bolton, Director and Auctioneer of Fletchers Real Estate, and answer all your questions about buying property this year, despite COVID restrictions, and what we are seeing in the home loan and property markets.

COVID: Open for business… Buying a property and adapting to Stage 4 restrictions

  • Can I get a home loan if I’m on JobSeeker or JobKeeper?
  • How do I meet with a mortgage broker during lockdown?
  • What’s happening in the property market here in Melbourne during Stage 4?

This week we chat with Daniel Bolton, Director and Auctioneer of Fletchers Real Estate, and answer all your questions about getting a home loan and buying property throughout Stage 4 restrictions.

COVID: Home loan applications via Zoom during COVID-19

Foster Ramsay Finance discusses how you can still apply for a homeloan during the #iso period of COVID-19.
We talk about how we can use #zoom and #zipID to undertake an interview and verify your identity.

How lenders and banks look at your Living Expenses in Australia

Foster Ramsay Finance discusses how most Lenders and Australian Banks look at your living expenses when you apply for a homeloan.

Making advanced & extra repaymets on your home loan

Foster Ramsay Finance discusses the advantages in making additional homeloan repayments over and above the minimum requied by the Australian Bank or Lender. This can save many thousands in interest charged by the Lender and can mean you can pay your homeloan off in 5 years, 7 years or 10 years in some cases. We also discuss the affects on homeloan redraw and your offset accounts as more money saving tips.

COVID: Is my home loan pre-approval still valid?

Foster Ramsay Finance discusses the chances of your Homeloan pre-approval still being valid after the changes in the world during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Australian home loan – Part Fixed Interest and Part Variable Interest Rates

Foster Ramsay Finance discusses how you can benefit from having a part fixed and part variable rate interest facilty on your Australian Homeloan.

What is an 100% offset account attached to a home loan?

Foster Ramsay Finance discusses how a 100% Offset facility works and what difference it can make to the amount of homeloan interest you pay on your homeloan.

What is home loan redraw ?

Foster Ramsay Finance discuss what a Redraw Facility included in most Australian Variable Homeloans and how it affects the Interest Rate.

Breaking a fixed home loan in Australia explained

We chat about breaking a fixed homeloan rate in Australia. The fees and charges involved and the pros and cons.

COVID: If I am on the JobKeeper payment, can I still borrow for a home loan?

Foster Ramsay Finance talks about the Australian Job Keeper payment and how it affects your home loan application.

Home loan Repayment Pause / Hardship… What happens to the interest calcaultions?

A short guide on what happens behind the scences at the Bank when they are calculating the interest charges whilst a loan is on a repayment pause or hardship consideration.

Should I fix my home loan interest rate?

To fix or not to fix… that is the question. Update from Director Chris Foster-Ramsay of Foster Ramsay Finance about whether or not to fix, and the Pros and Cons of doing so.

COVID: Home loan HARDSHIP Relief

An update on how to apply for, and what financial hardship means for you and for your home loan. Chris Foster-Ramsay Finance Broker.

What does a mortgage broker do?

A very quick description of what a Mortgage / Finance Broker does day to day. We share what we do, our experience and how we add value to our Clients.

What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)?

The Foster Ramsay Finacne Team break down the barriers around what LMI is and how it works.

How does Foster Ramsay Finance brokers ensure a loan is in the client’s best interest?

Foster Ramsay Finance Brokers have always made sure that a Client’s loan is in their Best Interests. It’s now gone one step further and is a big point of difference compared to going straight to the Bank.

Do Foster Ramsay Finance brokers charge a fee?

One of our most frequently asked questions. We explain how we are paid and why we do not believe in charging Clients consultation Fees.

Supporting docs

What documents do I need to provide the Foster Ramsay Finance Team when applying for a home loan?

What is a Family Pledge / Family Guarantee? 

We explain how a Family Guarantee works, what it involves and what’s required to set up.

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About Chris

What are the best parts of being a mortgage broker?

About Chris

A quick rundown on how I got my start as a Mortgage and Finance Broker and why I love what I do.